Urban Suites

Jakarta's newest neighbourhood is the most anticipated project in KM 8 Jakarta-Cikampek toll road as the one and only overlapping direct access from LRT Cikunir I Station to the commercial arcade. Situated in between Jakarta and Bekasi, it will be transformed into a thriving destination for foodies and melting pot for commuter.

LRT City Jatibening

Positioned as a premier quality business and lifestyle hub, LRT City Jatibening will provide a mix of uses, comprising office, residential, retail and hospitality. This expansive integrated development connected with LRT Jatiasih Station in KM 6 Jakarta-Cikampek toll road will be redefines urban living for 13,000+ surrounded residents.


Taman Sari Urban Sky

This magnifique complex of apartment and big box store created a vibrant new concept of residential. Located in Jakarta-Cikampek toll area, this complex is connected to LRT Cikunir II Station direct from the public bridge.

LRT City Ciracas

Located in East Jakarta with an expansive 11 hectares area, LRT City Ciracas will be a striking addition to the Jakarta skyline. This mega project will consist residential area, complete with lease USC mall shop destination with unique boutique concept and foodies zone in one place.


June 10, 2021

FOTO: Urban Jakarta Propertindo Meraih Laba Bersih pada 2020

PT. Urban Jakarta Propertindo Tbk (URBN) meraih laba bersih pada 2020 naik 394% menjadi Rp 100,6 milyar dibanding periode yang sama pada tahun 2019.
June 10, 2021

Gateway Park Andalan PT Urban Jakarta Propertindo

HousingEstate, Jakarta – Pengembang PT Urban Jakarta Propertindo Tbk berhasil mencatatkan kinerja yang cukup baik sepanjang tahun 2020. Perusahaan terbuka berkode URBN tersebut berhasil membukukan pendapatan […]
June 10, 2021

Urban Jakarta Propertindo Catatkan Pendapatan Rp 128,9 Miliar di 2020

Suara.com – PT Urban Jakarta Propertindo Tbk (URBN) perusahaan pengembang properti membukukan pendapatan sebesar Rp 128,9 miliar pada tahun 2020 atau meningkat 126 persen dari tahun […]
June 10, 2021

Laba bersih URBN meroket 394 Persen

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Laba bersih PT Urban Jakarta Propertindo mengalami lonjakan hingga 394 persen atau senilai Rp 100,6 miliar sepanjang Tahun 2020. Kinerja cemerlang ini juga […]