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The Company was originally established under the name of PT Samsung Development on May 9, 1995 as stated in the Deed of Establishment made in the presence of Notary Sinta Susikto, S.H. based on Deed No. 62 dated May 9th, 1995 and Decree of the Minister of Justice with Decree No. C2-15301.HT.01.01.TH.95 dated November 24th, 1995. On December 23rd, 2016, PT Samsung Development changed its name to PT Urban Jakarta Propertindo based on Deed No. 32 dated December 23rd, 2016 made in the presence of Notary Silvy Solivan, S.H, M.Kn. and Decree of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights with Decree No. AHU-0025502.AH.01.02 in 2016.

The main business activities of the Company are both owned and leased real estate assets which focus on developing residential areas under TOD Concept. In its business activities, the Company develops and/or manages office areas, shopping centers and apartments that are integrated directly with mass transportation.

In addition to the TOD concept, the Company will also develop one-stop-living concept on each of its project. This concept makes it easier for residents to meet their residential needs and no longer need to commute long distance to fulfill their household needs or to use sports and entertainment facilities. These two main concepts will be carried out by the Company to distinguish itself from other property developer and provide highly attractive value added to the community.


To create and develop residential areas as solutions for urban problems and provide a better quality of life.


• Providing housing and residential areas which improve the quality of life in urban areas.

• Creating high return investment opportunities.

• Developing urban communities to maximize added value for the property and surrounding area that provides benefits to consumers and other stakeholders.

• Creating a professional work environment where every employee can explore their potential and increase productivity

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