ADHI will construct 6.000 MBR Residential Units in LRT City

ADHI will construct 6.000 MBR Residential Units in LRT City

  • August 2, 2017
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PT Adhi Karya Tbk (ADHI) through TOD and Hotel Department has decided to develop the residence to low-income community (MBR) in the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) area of LRT City now being developed by it. Later, about 25% of each TOD area to be developed in each Jabodetabek LRT stop will be intended as MBR residential units. However, ADHI has just decided to construct 6.000 MBR units in three areas namely LRT City East Bekasi-Eastern Green, LRT Ciy Jaticempaka-Gateway Park and LRT City Ciracas-Urban Signature.

Budi Saddewa Soediro, Director of Operations of Adhi Karya said the development of MBR houses is consistent with the directions of the government to support one million house program. “In accordance with the government rule, the development of MBR houses in one development area is at least 25% and we will comply with the rule.” Budi said.

As per Minister of SOE directions, MBR apartment in LRT City will be soled at lower price than the MBR in general. Budi said, each unit will be marketed at price below IDR 200 million and intended to end user. The portion of MBR will not be greater than the commercial units since TOD and Hotel Department of Adhi Karya, as the developer, must earn profit. According to Budi, the development of MBR in LRT City is sensitive where the price of land at the station point is very expensive. The company strategy to earn the margin is by reducing the specifications of the building materials.

In East Bekasi, ADHI will construct four MBR residential towers at capacity of 3.200 units. While in Ciracas and Jaticempaka, there will be constructed two towers at capacity of 1.600 units and 1.200 units.

Technically, Adhi Karya will start the construction of MBR residential units in East Bekasi on the LRT Depot. Therefore, the construction of MBR apartment must be concurrent with the depot. It will later be followed in Ciracas where the land is now being cleared, which is owned by PPD. Meanwhile, the land in Jaticempaka is now under the acquisition process. Currently, Adhi Karya has constructed the four TOD areas in East Bekasi covering an area of 16, 9 hectares (ha), Jaticempaka 5, 9 ha, Ciracas 11, 5 ha and LRT City Royal Sentul 14, 8 ha. Out of these four areas, there have been launched commercial apartment sold at price of IDR 15 million-R 20 million per square meter (m2). In the near future, ADHI will promptly develop LRT City Cikoko covering an area of 1, 2 ha. Investment in development LRT City at five locations covering an area of 50 ha reached IDR 12, 5 trillion.” Investment in Urban LRT will continue to grow along with the land addition to the future,” Budi said.

For the development of Urban LRT, Adhi is not alone. The company also entered into a partnership with the land owner company. As in Jaticempaka, the company worked together with the private company PT Urban Jakarta Propertindo.

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